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“Living Pictures has been crucial in my development as a director”.

Alex Brown
JMK award winner 2013

“The practical, hands-on directing courses from skilful directors is truly unique”

Mike Alfreds

“LIVING PICTURES was instrumental in helping me learn more about the craft of directing, in cultivating a voice and perspective…”

Lyndsey Turner

Associate Director

Sheffield Theatres

Developing theatre makers who are curious about their work.

Supporting people who seek change in their lives.

Dedicated to sharing knowledge and champion life long learning.

Developing Craft

We think in pictures or impressions and in everyday life we tell our stories using words to convey the pictures of our experiences. We also use actions and objectives and most definitely experience events…

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Latest news –

our Crowd funding site has reached it’s target! We’ve raised just over £6,000! Thank you one and all. Visit Coed Dylan page to see our supporters.

Go to: http://www.gofundme.com/w2arpzg


Coed Dylan 2015 Organisational Conference

We are pleased to announce that Professor Denise Gabriel from the University of North Carolina Greensboro is going to be with Living Pictures (July 4-July 23, 2015) to collaborate on the Coed Dylan 2015 Organisational Conference.

For more information contact Robert and Elen Bowman on: livingpictures@btopenworld.com

Living Pictures on Stage

Living Pictures Productions was formed in 1999 to find new and engaging ways to develop and perform theatre art…

Living Pictures on Stage


Creativity can be accessed by the means of useful questions and exercises that help focus the artist…

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Are you a director wishing to acquire new skills in working with actors or with leadership strategies…?

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