Since 1999 we have supplied weekends, weeklong process work with leading industry directors and teachers who have a tried and tested rehearsal methodology.

For those who need one to one contact and a tailor made approach we offer Skype coaching in director practice and leadership.

Occasionally we can offer observation opportunities during our rehearsal process.

We offer NLP training for theatre practitioners and other sectors.

We use creative means in all its forms to help the process of healing and rehabilitation for groups and individuals.

Director Coaching

Our past and present tutors

Directors Acting

Our latest Directors Acting workshops

Book Club

Practical, peer-led sessions

One to One Actor Coaching

Get in contact with us if you’d like to have some one on one time with either Elen or Robert regarding your acting. Sometimes it’s useful to have just a bit of time to work in a more focused way on yourself and your craft.

Sessions could involve text analysis, character analysis, monologue work or some work on confidence and limiting beliefs.

Sessions usually an hour long.

Fees: sliding scale depending on circumstances.