Our Directors Training programs were set up to continue the learning of the theatre director. To provide clear and practical tools to better enable the theatre director to improve their craft.

Too often directors leave a place of education and are left to their own devices once in the profession. In a way, that is just when then need to continue their learning more than ever.

We beleive in training that combines the theoretical with the experiential. We are also inspired by the Russian theatre training model, where directors train for five years (we have recently met a Russian theatre critic who trained to be a critic for five years!) and while we can't replicate this model of training now we believe that an inquisitive approach can be nutured throughout one's career and life. Adding to your knowledge base and making your happier as a human being.

We are advocates of life long learning.

The Living Pictures workshops I attended have been invaluable to me in my own process. It really is the most generous and important resource you have created.

Polly Teale - Shared Experience Theatre Co

This year, we are pleased to announce our Directors Acting workshops for the remainder of the year.

I learned more in a week than I did in one year on my director's Training course...

Directors Acting Participant

Living Pictures Workshops 2013 / 2014

Click here for the list of workshops we have planned for this Winter.

If you would like to reserve a place on a workshop or you have any queries, please email Nora Wardell, project Manager on living.pictures@yahoo.co.uk

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