Living Pictures create professional development for directors and actors.

Since 2001 we have annually hosted courses in London and Cardiff. We are regarded as a leading training resource for director training in the UK. Leading industry directors are sourced and invited to lead workshops in their tried and tested methodology. Directors train with them for a weekend, week or two weeks, and are guided through their practice as actors in order to learn experientially. We aim to provide an eclectic mix of disciplines and encourage a diverse outlook to director training, while maintaining a rigour of practice and a search for excellence at the heart of our teaching. As well as being a training company we aim to create theatre art of the highest standard and produce stage productions in the UK.

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"LIVING PICTURES is a company that provides unique and invaluable resources to emerging directors. Their work is based on a deep and intuitive insight into the varying tools young directors might need to develop and grow. These insights come from their extensive and skilled work in theatre as both actors and directors."

Ian Rickson

"The Living Pictures Directors Acting initiative is such a valuable resource and clearly demonstrates the company's commitment to director development in the UK."

Katie Mitchell, Associate Director National Theatre

"The practical, hands-on directing courses from skilful directors with specific methods of work that Living Pictures has been offering over the past few years is a truly unique and focused contribution to the generally haphazard director-training that exists in the UK."

Mike Alfreds

Latest News

Living Pictures Workshops 2013 / 2014

Click here for the list of workshops we have planned for this Winter.

If you would like to reserve a place on a workshop or you have any queries, please email Nora Wardell, project Manager on

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One Year Mentoring

Living Pictures newydd lawnsio cwrs mentora cyfarwyddo sef yr un gyntaf i'r cwmni yn y gymraeg.

Living Pictures has just launched the first welsh speaking director mentoring course.

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