Living Pictures have won the top prize of £12,000 from Tesco and Groundworks scheme that will enable us to plough forward with Phase 1 of our development program. Bags of Skill 2016/17 is designed to help young adults with learning challenges to learn organic gardening and garden carpentry skills as they grow a kitchen garden, build compost toilets and pathways. We will also help support participants with references and a certificate at the close of the project.

Gardening on Coed DylanWell we're coming to the end of our Bags of Skill Community Garden and Compost Loo phase 1. Big Thank You to Tesco, it's customers and to Groundforce UK. In particular, Nabila – thank you for your help and guidance. We've built and moved the compost loo once – hopefully the last time, we've put in a rabbit fence so we don't have to do anything nasty to the lovely rabbits who want to eat our veg, we've dug a pond and the Welsh rain water is filling it. We've built our own polytunnel under the expert guidance of Dr Paul Jennings – our permaculture guru and all things ‘rocket stove'. We've recycled sets and wood from 4Wood – film and television set construction company, Theatr Genedaethol, Difficult Stage and possibly, Mappa Mundi. Also a big thank you to arborists – Pro Climber (Andy Lewis and family) for the big pile of wood we're looking to use and the piles of wood chippings. The garden has been created with the Canolfan Elfed Unit at Queen Elizabeth High School and latterly, with The Wallich in Llanelli.

We're carrying on with the project now into summer and autumn. Look out for events and we're always looking for volunteers to come and help us. We're hoping to start raising chickens and bees!

If you are interested in gardening or carpentry as a possible career and are interested in taking part in this venture then contact Elen on 07760454773 or email us at [email protected]