Acting Studios

The studios don’t operate at a fixed time of the year, so please watch this space and feel free to register your interest if you’d like to be kept informed of potential studios.

“The Studios have enabled me to discover new depth, subtlety and spontaneity in my work, while providing a regular haven of practice to sustain and nurture my acting skills amidst the randomness and unpredictability of ‘the business’. They have become a powerful, invaluable resource for me.”
   – David Lyndon (Actor)

We focus on three practitioners, Stanislavski, Meisner and Michael Chekhov and coupled with that will be bringing in NLP and the latest in Neuroscience that Robbie has been researching as part of his Arts Council of Wales – Creative Wales Award 2016.

“I find Meisner freeing and exhilarating. It makes you pay attention to the minutest of details, and gives you practical tools for building connection with other actors and scene partners. You are always playing, learning and developing within a very supportive environment.”
   – Melangell Dolma (Actor)

At Living Pictures, we don’t believe in there being just one way to create theatre, to make art, to be free as a performer. There are, however, some very useful tools that can be gleaned from each practitioner and we see this as a way to develop your tool kit and deepen your awareness of self and others.

Each session will consist of specific games that have applications to being an actor, acting exercises and scene/devising work.

Dates: TBC
Cost: £ TBC

We believe that acting is fundamentally simple. Easy. It’s the things we tell ourselves that make it difficult, a struggle, scary, hard.

We aim to work in a safe and supportive environment that invites, challenge and allows us to grow. We try to make the sessions fun, practical and encourage peer learning.

Thank you to WMC for their support in offering us space to work, play and investigate. The studios will be housed in different buildings in and around Cardiff.

Please email us to register your interest and for more information at: [email protected] (please put 'Acting Studio' in the subject line).

“I feel it’s vital to continue training and developing as a working actor. The Living Pictures actor’s studio enables you to explore new approaches and consolidate your work with a progressive environment in which you can truly challenge yourself. Equally valuable is the opportunity to discuss and practically address performance difficulties. I cannot recommend highly enough the knowledge, experience and confidence this actor’s studio can offer.”
   – Morgan Thomas (Actor and Theatre Maker)


Get in contact with us if you’d like to have some one-on-one time with either Elen or Robert regarding your acting. Sometimes it’s useful to have just a bit of time to work in a more focused way on yourself and your craft.

Sessions could involve text analysis, character analysis, monologue work or some work on confidence and limiting beliefs. Sessions usually an hour long.

Fees: sliding scale depending on circumstances.