“Directors Acting is such a valuable resource.”
   – Katie Mitchell OBE

Since 1999 we have supplied weekends, weeklong process work with leading industry directors and teachers who have a tried and tested rehearsal methodology.

For those who need one to one contact and a tailor-made approach we offer Skype coaching in director practice and leadership.

Occasionally we can offer observation opportunities during our rehearsal process.

We offer NLP training for theatre practitioners and other sectors.

We use creative means in all its forms to help the process of healing and rehabilitation for groups and individuals.


Natalie Abrahami
Natalie Abrahami has taken part in and led several past Living Pictures Workshops.

Details of previous Directors Acting Workshops can be found here.


Ian Rickson

“Their work is based on a deep and intuitive insight into the varying tools young directors might need to develop and grow.”
   – Ian Rickson

Click here for details of our first workshop of 2020, Connection, Creativity and Resilience with Polly Teale.