A boy swinging on wooden monkey bars
Our Espalier Monkey Bars.


Want to get more exercise? - working outdoors is a good way of doing that and there are plenty of things you could do to help the Coed Dylan project and get fit at the same time.

Our first venture into creating a Garden Gym was using the grant we received from Magic Grants to create Espalier Monkey Bars. We have six fruit trees that were planted to be Espaliered and we thought what better way to make use of that frame than to turn it also into a set of Monkey Bars that the people who visit and work in the garden can use to help them keep fit and have fun.

Our second grant from Magic Grants has been interrupted by Covid-19. But we're hoping to get back on that this autumn by creating a Cycling Machine Battery Charger. We found this year that the garden was in need of getting the rainwater we're collecting further along the site pumped to the garden to use during the hot spells, especially for the polytunnel. With our grant from Magic Grants we will be able to rectify that and create another 'exercise station' for our Garden Gym. Our goal is to create a gym that benefits not only those who use it but also, the environment and the garden in particular, while having a bit of fun!



Come and see what we’re doing and take part, exercise and help us build our Garden Gym.

Thank you and hope to see you on Coed Dylan,
Robbie and Elen and the Coed Dylan Team


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