A boy swinging on wooden monkey bars
Our Espalier Monkey Bars.
A boy skipping
A viable alternative to indoor gyms.
Scything is very popular.

Coed Dylan's Garden Gym has been developing over the years with support from Magic Grants.

We're wanting to be creative in the ‘exercise equipment' we create so that it helps the garden, the environment and human health.

With that in mind we've developed some unique and interesting forms of exercise with the help of The Magic Grants funds. We have created an ‘Espalier Monkey Bars', dumbbells out of logs, an Exercise Bike run by a leisure battery and are using Scything to help trim away the flab!



We really need volunteers and donations to continue to develop the Garden Gym and are making a call out to anyone who'd like to volunteer in helping us make this a viable alternative to indoor gyms and at the same time, help the environment.

The next phase for us is building a shed on top of the bank above the garden to house the Exercise Bike and collect rainwater for the garden during the drier summer months. This will ensure that all the hard work the young people who visit the site put into the garden won't be lost if we have a sustained dry patch.

This money will go to creating a covered and protected space to house the Exercise Bike, its battery, a solar panel for the exercise bike battery and lights, a covered space for our wooden barbell equipment and metal barbell equipment and steps up to the covered area which can be incorporated into the exercise ‘regime'.

Exercise can also be in just gardening, there are great walks next to us in the Woodland Trust's Green Castle Wood and other physical exercise we can find for you in managing the site. Scything is a very popular one as is chopping wood.

Money to achieve this covered area is important but so too are those interested in helping us develop, build and use the gym. Become a part of Coed Dylan Garden Gym (for no charge, but your time) to exercise outdoors and help both nature and human health.

We welcome groups and individuals.

If you're interested in joining us, please email Robbie at [email protected]


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