Directors Acting Workshops“Their work is based on a deep and intuitive insight into the varying tools young directors might need to develop and grow.”
   – Ian Rickson

The Directors Acting Workshops began in 2001. The success of these workshops is due to directors' desire and commitment to learn about their craft and the willingness of established directors to share their process. We have been grateful for the feedback we have received from participants and will endeavour to implement your suggestions wherever and whenever possible.

Directors Acting: 2020

Mike Alfreds - Analysing a Play: Blood Wedding (Online: August 2020)
Sinêad Rushe - Michael Chekhov: Intensive Study Week (Online: August 2020)
Polly Teale - A workshop exploring Connection, Creativity and Resilience (March 2020)

Directors Acting: 2019

Lyndsey Turner - Exploring Far Away by Caryl Churchill, 25th-27th October
Ian Rickson - Exploring Rosmersholm by Henrik Ibsen, a new adaptation by Duncan Macmillan, 18th-20th January 
Robbie Bowman - Meisner Technique for Directors: a collaborative workshop with Young Vic and Derby Theatre / In Good Company

Directors Acting: Summer 2014

Denise Gabriel - Sensory Awareness
Alex Dower - Objectives & Purposes

Directors Acting: Summer 2012

Lyndsey Turner - Developing a New Play, 9th & 10th June
Ian Rickson - Stanislavski for the Modern Director, 18th-22nd June
Scott Williams - The Meisner Technique in Rehearsal, 2nd-13th July
Alex Dower - The Actor's Imagination, 18th & 19th August

Directors Acting: Autumn 2011

Sinead Rushe - Michael Chekhov Process Weekend, 8th and 9th October
Elen Bowman - DIRECTOR MENTORING (monthly)
Barbara Houseman - The Voice Works, 15th & 16th October
Bijan Sheibani - Remounting a Classic Text, 24th-28th October
Joe Hill-Gibbins - Working The Changeling, 12th & 13th November
Shared Experience, 21st-25th November
Elen Bowman and Ian Rickson - Method in Practice, 5th-9th December

Directors Acting: Spring/Summer 2011

Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe - Relationships in Space, 9th & 10th April
Tom Wright - Stage Craft, 16th & 17th April
David Haugen - Listening and Responding: Meisner and Chekhov, 23rd & 24th April
Sinead Rushe - Michael Chekhov (weekend no. 1), 7th & 8th May
Mike Alfreds - Worlds: Exploring and Defining the Particular Reality of a Play, 23rd-27th May
Sinead Rushe - Michael Chekhov (weekend no. 2), 18th & 19th June
Scott Williams - The Meisner Technique: 10-day Intensive Course, 11th-15th & 18th-22nd July
NLP 3-hour Sessions: “Reality - What a Concept!”, 30th June-2nd, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th July
Sinead Rushe - Michael Chekhov (weekend no. 3), 16th & 17th July
Living Pictures Summer Workshop: Stanislavsky's ACTIVE ANALYSIS, 1st-12th August (Monday to Friday)

Directors Acting: Autumn 2010

Ian Rickson - Exploring Hamlet, 20th-24th September
Robbie Bowman - NLP and Theatre, 25th & 26th September
Elen Bowman - Naming impressions, Naming Objectives, 4th-8th October
Roxana Silbert - Directing New Plays, 9th & 10th October
Dominic Cooke - Shakespeare's Language, 4th & 5th November
Barbara Houseman - The Voice Works, 27th & 28th November

Directors Acting: Summer 2010

Stanislavsky's ACTIVE ANALYSIS - for Actors and Directors, 2nd-13th August

Directors Acting: Autumn 2009

Rufus Norris and Tanya Ronder - Adaptation for the Stage, 12th-16th October
Dick McCaw - Not Just Any Body: Feldenkrais for Theatre, 14th & 15th November
Tom Wright - Stagecraft, 21st-22nd November
Rosemary Brandt - Laban, 14th-17th December
Katie Mitchell - The Director's Craft, 11th-22nd January 2010

Directors Acting: Summer 2009

Paule Constable - Lighting (taster), July 20th
Gareth Fry - Sound (taster), July 27th-31st
Bella Merlin - The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit, July 27th-31st
Paul Hunter - Devising, July 27th-31st
Living Pictures Summer Workshop: Stanislavsky's ACTIVE ANALYSIS - for Actors and Directors, 3rd-15th August
Scott Williams - The Meisner Technique, 13th, 7th September
Ian Rickson - Getting the Actor Closer to the Text, 4th-8th September

Directors Acting: Spring 2009

Writer/Director Networking Evening, 24th February
Nancy Meckler and Polly Teale - Shared Experience, 9th-13th March
Scott Williams -The Meisner Technique, 5th-9th April
Indhu Rubasingham - New Writing, 11th-15th May
Rosemary Brandt -Laban Weekend, 6th-7th June

Directors Acting: Autumn 2008

Rosemary Brandt - Aplying Laban to Theatre, 6th & 7th September
Dominic Cooke - Directing, 22nd & 23rd September
Lilo Baur - Complicity, 13th-17th October
Elen Bowman - Pictures and Impressions, 17th-21st November
Rosemary Brandt - Laban, 15th-19th December
Katie Mitchell - The Director's Craft, 26th-30th January

Directors Acting: Summer 2008

Bella Merlin - Stanislavsky Workshop, 9th-13th June
Rufus Norris and Tanya Ronder - Adapting for the Stage, 23rd-27th June
Paul Hunter - Devising, 14th-18th July
Rosemary Brandt - Exploring Laban, 17th &and 18th May
Robert Bowman - NLP and Theatre, 24th & 25th
Mervyn Millar -Objects, Puppetry and Performance, 19th & 20th

Directors Acting: Spring 2008

Natalia Fedrova - The Actors' Inner Impulse, 29th & 30th March
Ian Rickson - Getting the Actor Closer to the Text, 31st March-4th April
John Wright - Text Immersion and Archetypes: Two Liberating Strategies, 7th-11th April
Rosemary Brandt - Exploring Laban, 8th & 9th March

Directors Acting: 2007

Elen Bowman - Thinking in Pictures, 28th-31st August
Tatiana Olear - Character and Active Analysis, 3rd-14th September
Dominic Leclerc - Physicalising Text, 15th-19th October
Rosemary Brandt - Laban, 10th-14th December

Directors Acting: 2006

Lilo Baur - Le Jeu, 5th-9th June
Bella Merlin - Active Analysis and the Art of Play, 12th-16th June
John Wright - Evolving the text, 3rd-7th July
Mike Alfreds - Meet the World of the Play, 10th-14th July
Katie Mitchell - Two Week Intensive, 17th-28th July

Directors Acting: 2005

Katie Mitchell, 27th June-1st July
Christopher Heimann - Michael Chekhov Workshop, 4th-8th July
Mike Alfreds, 8th-22nd July
Polly Teale and Nancy Meckler, 21st-25th November
Kate Maravan - The Meisner Method, 19th-23rd September
Elen Bowman - Thinking in Pictures, 22nd-26th August

Directors Acting: 2004

Dominic Cooke, 28th June-2nd July
Matthew Lloyd, 23rd-27th August
Mike Alfreds, 20th-25th September
Polly Teale and Nancy Meckler, 26th-30th October
Kate Maravan, 22nd-27th November

Directors Acting: 2001 (Pilot)

Supported by the Jerwood Space and Shared Experience Theatre Company, this two week workshop was led by Robert Bowman for established and new directors to experience their theatre art from the point of view of the actor. Using scenes from Fear and Misery in the Third Reich, the directors were given parts and taken through the methodology of Living Pictures Productions. The fortnight concluded with a showing for an invited audience in the rehearsal rooms at Soho Laundry. Those taking part; Polly Teale, Marc Rosenblatt, Martin Constantine, Jo Clayton and Tom Mansfield.