Preparing the ground.We are aiming to raise £5,000 by the end of 2020.

We know it has been tough for so many people and we hope that by giving what you can you will be helping us make 2020 a better and more productive year for those who visit Coed Dylan.

The money will help us with materials for finishing the shed both inside and out; wood, solar panels to charge tools and run a small set of lights and the extension of the covered, open area to be able to work outside in all weathers. The other big project is the levelling off and putting chippings on the drive to allow vehicles bringing wheelchair users to the site and with that some initial pathways for wheelchair users to access the garden. As a mini project, we want to create a chip fat filtration system to use the recycled oil in our diesel van, convert the van so that it is able to run off recycled chip fat oil, and finally and vitally this money will help pay local tradespeople and people with expertise in the field we’re looking at to come work with those who visit Coed Dylan. To teach, to inspire and look after our shared environment.

Here is a rough breakdown of why we need this amount.

£1,500 for the materials for the shed.

£500 for a small solar panel kit and battery for the shed.

£2,000 to pay tradespeople to guide and teach the young people their particular skills while using all the recycled materials we’ve gathered over the years.

£1,000 for the development of the track and pathways for Wheelchair users.

Your donations will go a long and varied way to benefitting people, giving employment and helping the environment.


Apart from helping the environment and the people who benefit from Coed Dylan, we would like to offer something for you in exchange…depending on location of course! For instance,…

Give £25 and camp on the land for free over the summer (or whenever you like!) for 3 nights.


Give £25 and get £15 off a van removal job


Give £50 and get £15 off any van removal job and camp on the land.


Give £75 or more and you’ll receive all the above + a Coed Dylan T-Shirt.


If you are unable to give money and feel you live close enough, you can VOLUNTEER to help garden and build projects on Coed Dylan as and when you have time. If you live in Cardiff, get in touch and we can always give you a lift down and back and will feed you lunch.

Better yet, become a FRIEND OF COED DYLAN and offer what you can in terms of skills, help, and time. We are looking for people local to Coed Dylan to become friends.

Coed Dylan is a small garden site that would always benefit from Friends to tend, grow vegetables, feed chickens and keep an eye on Coed Dylan. If you helped in the garden for instance, you would be encouraged to take some of the produce grown on Coed Dylan for your own use and enjoyment. There is nothing sweeter then growing and eating your own vegetables. We would invite you to take part in workshops we organise on Coed Dylan and benefit from all the site has to offer.



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