We at Living Pictures have been thinking about our response to the events in America and the structural racism and bias in the UK that have triggered a local and global sense of outrage and a real need for change. We wanted to respond in a way that was positive, actionable, and acknowledged our common humanity and our desire to live in a fairer and more just society.

We agree wholeheartedly that ‘education is vital, and equality is not an optional extra, it has to be baked into the way we all will flourish as a society’. We pride ourselves on being one of the few theatre companies that champions director training and the recent events have galvanised us to think about how we can make more effort to support this movement and make actual change through what we do.

Our aim is to support and address the access, representation and opportunities within the cultural sector that are lacking for ethnic and culturally diverse artists. And in response we are creating an 18-month long Living Pictures Bursary Programme where we are committed to actively recruiting, developing and representing ethnic and culturally diverse emerging directors, and offering more workshops led by directors from these communities. We will seek feedback and look to create opportunities for training that speak to a diverse cohort.

This is our starting position, our commitment to continual change and lifelong learning, expanding our maps of the world and uncovering unconscious bias.

Learn more about the programme here