The Blue BirdWritten by Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck, The Blue Bird (French: L’Oiseau bleu) was premiered at the Moscow Arts Theatre in September 1908.

“We must be brave enough to see the hidden…”
   Stanislavsky on his first day of rehearsal forThe Blue Bird.

He had decided to show on the stage something which was almost impossible: the souls of men, the deity of the underworld, the realm of the future and much more.

The story tells the fantastical tale of a brother and sister Mytyl and Tyltyl who are asked to help their elderly neighbour’s child. Her illness can only be cured by the magical Blue Bird of Happiness which the children keep in a cage. Unable to bare the loss they refuse to let the ailing girl have their most precious possession. Later they discover to their horror that the bird has disappeared. Aided by the good fairy Berylune, Mytyl and Tyltyl quest on an adventure through the Land of Memory to the Palace of Night in search of the bird. They return empty handed only to discover that the bird was at their home all the time.

We will be creating a new text based on the original, exploring puppetry, magic and creating songs for this new musical version of this classic, symbolist play.

This period of development on The Blue Bird is funded by Arts Council Wales.


Arts Council of Wales