Sarah BroughtonSarah Broughton


My creative life began first as a devourer of my parents' bookshelves, then as an artist with a particular passion for photography. After completing two years of a degree in performance art, photography and video in Sheffield, I began to create mixed media work occasionally exhibiting and selling while I made my living in a variety of ways – as a life model, window cleaner, photocopying assistant etc. I also began to write, bit by bit – pieces of prose – most of it hopeless, but fortunately fragmentary and therefore mercifully short.

I formed a company, Forget About It Film & TV, with two friends – Suzanne Phillips, an award winning director and Val Croft, a highly experienced producer. The company's first production was a four part BBC radio drama series, It's A Small World written by me. The second commission was for a sixty-minute documentary for BBC 4 to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Kathleen Ferrier, An Ordinary Diva (soon to be shown at the Bath Festival of Music as part of their Ferrier celebrations this year). Commissions for documentaries on Gracie Fields, Vera Lynn, Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf and Val Doonican followed. We also developed feature films including one I had written, about the Surrealist photographer Claude Cahun, I'm in Training, Don't Kiss Me.

I began to publish articles – profiles mainly – about women writers and artists and the business of writing for various publications: New Welsh Review, Mslexia, Western Mail and the Big Issue. I also finished a part-time MA in Writing at Hallam University in Sheffield. In 2008, Parthian published my first novel, Other Useful Numbers, which has been very favourably reviewed, and in 2009 an audio book read by Cerys Matthews was launched.

Since then I have earned my living largely by working as a free-lance television researcher (mainly for Griff Rhys Jones' company, Modern Television) and briefly by teaching unenthusiastic undergraduates in Cheltenham. I am also completing an MPhil in Writing at the University of Glamorgan – belatedly catching up on my rather patchy education.

And I'm writing my second book...

Eddie LaddEddie Ladd

Mae Eddie eisioes wedi dathlu trideg o flynyddoedd eiraidd yn showbusiness.

Dechreuodd greu ei gwaith ei hun tua 1989. Cynyrchiadau theatr mewn theatr oedd rhai o’i sioeau (weithiau ar borfa, ar beiriant rhedeg ac mewn blawd serch hynny) tra llwyfannwyd eraill mewn safleoedd arbennig megis tai teras, closydd fferm a meysydd. Bu rhai ar daith ledled Ewrop. Bu’n defnyddio technoleg newydd o’r dechrau gan dderbyn cymrodoriaeth gan NESTA yn 2002 er mwyn atgyfnerthu’r elfen hon yn ei gwaith ac mae’n datblygu prosiect Realiti Rhithwir ar hyn o bryd. Mae wedi bod yn gyfarwyddwr corfforol i nifer o gynyrchiadau theatr gan Arad Goch, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru a Criw Brwd, ac mae ei sioeau diweddaraf, Caitlin a Disgo Distaw Owain Glyndŵr, wedi bod gyda’r ddau gyfaill a sefydlodd gwmni Light, Ladd & Emberton gyda hwynt.


Eddie Ladd has spent at least thirty golden years in showbusiness.

She started making her own work in about 1989. Some of her shows have been staged in theatres (though sometimes on turf, a running machine and in flour) and others have been site-specific, in terrace houses, farmyards and fields. A clutch of them have toured Europe. Having used new technologies from the very beginning, she received a NESTA fellowship in 2002 to develop this element in her work and is currently researching a VR project. She has been movement director on a number theatre productions by Arad Goch, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru and Criw Brwd, and her latest shows, Caitlin and Owain Glyndŵr Silent Disco, has been with the two friends with whom she set up Light, Ladd & Emberton.