“It reminded me how influential those training days had been. I am so glad Living Pictures exists...”
   Natalie Abrahami (Associate Director Young Vic Theatre, Associate Artist Hull Truck)


Developing CraftOur story began in 1999 with the formation of a new theatre company dedicated to providing theatre director training at a time where opportunities were thin on the ground. Over time, we developed into a leading training company in London, Cardiff and other parts of the UK. We also developed and toured award-winning pieces of theatre in Wales and internationally.

In recent times, we began to question the meaning of our work and ideology. We felt compelled to dedicate more of our time to living and working sustainably and we felt inspired, as a direct result of our family experience, to help champion and support young people who learn differently.

So... we began a new chapter and bought a piece of land in the Carmarthenshire countryside. Equipped with some old tin shacks, a stream, a meadow and a parcel of woodland, we have weaved together our training work, our passion for the environment, our stage productions and our mission to improve access and inclusion for those who need it most.

The stories that attract us now have an urgency and a relevance for our times. Our minds are inspired by young people who discover their talents and a future off the beaten track. Our hearts welcome all those who wish to keep learning and who seek a sense of community with us in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Living Pictures is a charity which delivers all this at our base Coed Dylan next to Green Castle Woods, Carmarthen.

Our mission is to champion inclusion in our work and to nurture skills and lifelong learning in the natural world.

Elen and Robert Bowman founded Living Pictures in 1999 and are Co-Artistic Directors of the charity.